25 years old  /  Female / Body – Slim & Toned / Height – 5’2″/ Hair – Long, autumnal coloured / Personal – Trimmed / Piercings – Yes / Tattoos – Yes


Welcome, so I see I have piqued your curiosity…well, let me keep this short(ish) and sweet…

I’m Serena Woo, a lady of South and East Asian heritage from the port cities of Hong Kong and Singapore. I may not be the girl next door; rather I’m your unrealised otherworldly fantasy of honeyed skin, hooded eyes, and plush lips.

Raised in New Zealand I have a curious mixture of being relaxed, down to earth with a teasing, witty humour, alongside my own personal quirks: insatiably curious, independent of mind, and irreverent except allegiances to my own convictions and philosophies.

As an intensely sensual and energetic person; I embrace my sexuality and desires with few inhibitions, openly and unrepentant. I adore seduction and eroticism; I have no shame in exposing myself and the ways in which I wish to make you mine. I find great joy in giving intimacy and imparting all manner of pleasures. The whole idea is I want you –us – to feel good and have a great time.

This is your invitation to my world of charmed smiles and exploration. Treat yourself to leisurely and indulgent time with me as I take you into my reprieve away from busy, mundane realities. I’m here to please you and be pleased, to pamper and be pampered in return.