I’m away again!

15th October till the 23rd of October. Last availability will be this weekend 13th Saturday (11am -11.30pm), 14th Sunday (11am – 11.30pm) and Monday 15th (mornings only).

I hope everyone will have a fantastic and relaxing labour weekend then, too.

In November I will be releasing some new pictures & my site will be down momentarily as my theme will change✨

My reading list lately – my love for Marguerite Yourcenar grows —Memoirs of Hadrian is excellent, beautiful, wonderful etc., etc.,

I also just binge watched Sharp Objects, an 8 episode mini-series based on Gillian Flynn’s book of the same name (I have not read any of her works, nor seen the movie adaptation of Gone Girl however), the premise of which drew me in because as some of you would know, I’m an absolute addict to thrillers (particularly crime thrillers, action as well).

I haven’t watched something with such a terse and overwhelmingly disconsolate atmosphere for a while. It seems to constrain your focus and smudge the bright spots of the soul. Dreariness par excellence. It is a tad on the nose sometimes though; otherwise — a recommended watch!